Snakes On A… Truck!
What would you do if you were just driving down the road and all the sudden a snake crawled out from the hood of your truck?
Snake in ATM Machine Is Scarier Than Hidden Bank Fees [VIDEO]
Ready for something scarier than your checking account balance? Folks who tried to make a withdrawal from this ATM machine got more than they bargained for in the form of a snake who lived in the device. As if the hidden charges most banks try to pull aren’t bad enough. Now we have to dodge snakes a…
A Fox Visits the ProNews 7 Studios In Downtown Amarillo
It think the lack of rain is getting to a point where animals are starting to come out of their normal habitat and start sneaking into well populated areas.
Out friends at ProNews 7 has a visit from a fox the other day (and I don't mean their network competitor).