Glen Rose, Texas: A Fun Vacation Spot for the Family
Over the holiday weekend E. and I went on vacation.  He loves dinosaurs and a friend told me about this place that was full of dinosaurs.  It was in the tiny town of Glen Rose, Texas.  We only went for the day but it would be perfect for a family vacation.  You may ask yourself why would anyone want…
Mommy Blogger Robyn L. – Clutter Occasion
Being teachers allows my husband and me the opportunity to stay home with our kids during the summer and the holidays. We've often commented on how blessed we are that we get to spend so much time together as a family. It truly is wonderful. Well, except for one thing... The mess.
Best Summertime Movies of All Time
Since it is summer, the heat and the season has me thinking of the best movies that take place during the summer.  So I put together a list of the Best Summertime Movies of All Time!
Fun Summer Activities and Crafts for Kids
So Summer is here and the kids are out of school.  Before to long they are going to be whining about being bored.  Well when that boredom rolls around here are some fun activities you and the kids can do to pass the time.
5 Songs To Kick Off The First Day Of Summer
It's hard to believe that it's officially the first day of summer. Summer means different  things to different people. Summer vacation, your first love, spending time with the family and summer trips. Here are 5 songs that will get you in the mood to start your summer off right...
10 Slip N’ Slide Fails to Avoid This Summer
We understand this is a very difficult question, but what’s the best part about summer? Barbeques are great and so are poolside shenanigans, but nothing compares to the greatest warm weather invention in all the lands—the Slip N’ Slide.
The “Every Drop Counts” Campaign
Summer is right around the corner, but for the Texas Panhandle it could be a another year that the area could see triple digit temperatures plus add to our continuing drought conditions. Which right now Texas Panhandle is still considered to be under a severe to extreme drought conditions.
Amarillo Wastes Water – Who Is To Blame Businesses or Residents
Summer months are done and over with, but during the past two summers the City of Amarillo wanted the the residents to watch out on how much water we use, watering the grass during evening hours, when we shower, even how long we wash our hands. Now who and what businesses use the most water back in …
Summer Sweets: Snow Cones
I don't know about you but when it comes to snow cones and summer the two just go together.  It doesn't matter what time of day it is, they hit the spot.

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