Pumpkin or Pecan Pie on Your Thanksgiving Table
When it comes to Thanksgiving the pie is the best part.  You see the whip cream or Cool Whip sitting on your table and then you have to decide what kind of pie you'll put it on.  So what pie do you prefer on your Thanksgiving table.
Gravy: Giblets or No Giblets
When it comes to the gravy that you pour over your Thanksgiving meal, how do you like it.  This has always been a battle in my family.  One grandmother put giblets in the gravy, the other did not.  My mother couldn't stand giblets in the gravy, yet I loved them.  So what is …
Best Places To Buy Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinner in Amarillo
Let's face it, a lot of work goes into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.  By the time you get it all cooked after spending hours in the kitchen, the meal is over in less than 30 minutes.  Then you have to deal with the clean up.  Who likes that?  Yuck!  It is usually the person who cooked t…
The Great Turkey Drop Benefitting the High Plains Food Bank
No one should go without a turkey on Thanksgiving.  That is why we are teaming up with the High Plains Food Bank for The Great Turkey Drop!  The High Plains Food Bank at this time has no turkeys in their inventory.  They usually purchase turkeys in July and their supplier this year didn't have the s…
Turkey Emergencies: How to Deal With Them
So cooking up a turkey is a wonderful yet scary thing.  Wonderful in the sense that the bird comes out perfect.  Scary in the sense that it turns out to be a total disaster.  So here are a few things to do when that turkey emergency arises on Thursday.
Cranberry Sauce: Homemade or The Can Shaped Blob [POLL
Here we are, just a few days away from Thanksgiving.  You probably already have your menu planned.  The turkey is safely thawing in the fridge and you have your pantry stocked.   So when it comes to cranberry sauce, which do you prefer.  Homemade? The jelly blob that comes o…
Thanksgiving Gravy: Giblets or No Giblets
We are a week away from Thanksgiving!  A week away from the big giant meal and the tryptophan comas.   However, there is one thing that will divide a house quicker than quick on Thanksgiving and that is the gravy.  To giblet or not to giblet that is the question.
Thanksgiving Pie: What’s Your Favorite? [POLL]
Growing up, my grandmothers were the best cooks.  Man could they cook.  My paternal grandmother was the best pumpkin pie and cream pie maker around.  My maternal grandmother could make a mean pecan pie.  Of course, we would eat lunch at one house and dinner at the other.  So…

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