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Top 15 Best Theme Songs from TV Shows
I am an avid TV watcher.  I love a good sitcom, drama, or reality cooking show.  However, what I love is when a TV show has a killer theme song.  What I have come to realize is that shows these days don't go for the catchy sing along anymore but they still have some pretty good o…
OMG! Entertainment Tonight Changed Their Theme Song
I grew up watching Entertainment tonight.  First with Mary Hart and John Tesh.  Then with Leeza Gibbons, then back to Mary Hart minus John Tesh, and with Mark Steines.  However, I just heart the new theme song for the show and well judge for yourself.
15 TV Theme Songs in a 2-Minute Mash-Up
The Koren Ensemble put together this awesome two-minute video of 15 different TV Theme Songs.   This is an awesome video and they even give you video hints by re-enacting the openings of the shows.