Click It Or Ticket 2014 Starts Monday
The Amarillo Police Department will start cracking down on seat belt and child safety seat violations starting on Monday.  Click It or Ticket arrives just in time for the Memorial weekend.
Speeding Ticket Insurance Now Available
I'll be honest, I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in 10 years (knock on wood).  However, I know lots of people that get an average of one speeding ticket per year and sometimes more than that.  That can add up to a lot of money.  So if you fit into the lead foot category an…
The Grace Period is Over for the Cell Phone Ban in Amarillo
I'm not a fan of the cell phone ban, it isn't because I text and drive.  That is just crazy dangerous but I do missing being able to take phone calls while driving. That is the only time I can take private calls without people or my son hearing a conversation that doesn't need to be shared.  I haven…