Princess Wand Shows Picture of A Girl Slitting Her Wrists
How many times have you been in a dollar store with your kids and they ask for a toy.  Do you usually buy it? I mean it is only a $1.  Well one mother bought her daughter a princess wand at a dollar store but when her daughter removed the sticker it revealed something disturbing.
‘Hot Wheels’ The Motion Picture Has Found a Director
With the recent cancellation of a 'Stretch Armstrong' movie, it seemed that the trend of films based on toys (or board games) would end -- with the Michael Bay-helmed 'Transformers' films the exception to the rule. But that's not the case as Legendary Pictures is moving forw…
LEGO Makes Its 472 Billionth Lego
Here I thought I had billions of LEGOs in my house, only to find out that LEGO has only made 472 billion LEGOs since 1958.  I haven't met a boy who doesn't love playing with LEGOs and those boys grow up into men who love playing with LEGOs.  However, can you imagine some of the t…

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