See, Not All Of The Crazies Are In Florida
Countess Dracula: Georgina Condon, of Brisbane, Australia, tells the Daily Mail that she is a real life vampire. The 38 year-old claims she suffers from solar dermatitis and gets blisters from UV light.
Condon gets blood from her boyfriend...
‘Underworld’ vs. ‘Twilight’ — Who Has the Best Vampires?
In one corner, we have the vampires from ‘Underworld Awakening,’ who not only possess enhanced speed and strength, but also know how to shoot up the place and look really cool leaping off of tall buildings.
In the other, we have the vampires from the ‘Twilight Saga,’ whose bodies are hard like diamon…
Vampire and a President! I Love to Read.
So over the holidays I was able to read a really great book by Seth Grahame-Smith.  It took one of my favorite book characters, the vampire, and mixed in a little history and a little suspense and lots of blood.