Celebrate Christmas in Your Christmas Sweatz [VIDEO]
It may be the mood I am in or the fact I am tired, but I laughed at this video until I had tears in my eyes.  Everybody needs to break out the sweats for Christmas, just make sure you get the reds sweats and he gets the green sweats, then switch them up.  I hope this brings as much laughte…
Beware of the Furniture Moving Bandit in New Mexico [VIDEO]
Picture yourself with some nice furniture on your front porch.  You have moved it and set it in the way you like.  It works for you, your family and your friends when you are sitting on the porch.  One day your furniture has been rearranged, but no one in your family has touched it.
Red Panda Plays with a Pumpkin [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but I needed a dose of cuteness this morning. Since we are less than a week from Halloween and pumpkins abound, I ran across a video of a rare red panda playing with a pumpkin. It is super adorable!
CBS Affiliate Posted Election Results Weeks Early [VIDEO]
It might have been an accident.  It's possible it was media bias.  I might have been a test run accidentally put up for the whole viewership to see.  However a CBS affiliate in Arizona posted the election results on TV on October 19th, during a People's Court episode.
Potty Pax the Portable Toilet Seat Cover [VIDEO]
I know using a public restroom is, well, really gross because a ton of people you don't know use the same toilet.  Who knows when the last time the place was actually cleaned.  Yes, some of those restrooms offer disposable seat covers but why use a disposable cover when you can bring …

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