Best Motherly Advice Our Mom’s Gave Us
Mother's Day is Sunday and we want to honor our mothers.   I decided to ask my coworkers what was some of the best advice that they received from their mother.  Some of the answers are sweet and some are funny.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Heidi
This week's Mix Pet of the Week is a cute terrier mix named Heidi.  Heidi is a sweet quite girl who could use a good home.  If you are looking for a sweet girl then Heidi is waiting for you to stop by the Amarillo SPCA.
5-Year Old Girl is Mad and Is Moving Out
When it comes to kids they all have their own wonderful imaginations. They are like sponges and they soak up everything around them. It usually ends up being a comedic moment when their little personalities come out. So when I saw this video, I laughed. We have all had that one moment with our kids …
Children’s Miracle Network Light the Sky
On Friday night during the Miracle UP Festival for the Children's Miracle Network, we had the first ever Light the Sky.  If you missed the event, you have to check it out.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  Special balloons were released to honor the 8590 kids t…
Women’s Exercise Machines From the 1940’s
I have been noticing a video floating around Facebook recently.  It's a video from the 1940s, it is showing off exercise machines for women.  I have seriously gotten a kick from watching this video because it's funny.  Did these machines really work...
How to Make Play Dough Out of Leftover Peeps
When it comes to Easter one of the many things our kids will find in their Easter baskets is Peeps.  Bunny Peeps, chick Peeps,  pink Peeps, blue Peeps, purple Peeps, here a Peep, there a Peep, everywhere a Peep, Peep.  A Lot of the time those Peeps, get old and hard and get thrown in …

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