Golden Globe Movies I Want to See
The Golden Globes awarded their winners for the best TV and movies last night.  As usual half of those movies were not seen my normal people.  However, after watching here are the movies I want to see that were either nominated or won a Golden Globe.
Mix Pet of the Week: Isabell
The Amarillo SPCA is home to a lot of dogs and cats that need good homes.  If you are looking to add a new pet to your family please consider adopting.  Today we would like to feature a cute dog by the name of Isabell.  It looks like Isabell is a chihuahua mix, and possibly could be a…
New Christmas Music for 2014
You may have heard some new Christmas Songs on Mix 94.1 this year and wondered, who sang that song, what is that new Christmas song.  Here are a few we have been playing.

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