Coffee Creamer is Flammable
Do you ever find yourself sitting around with a group of friends just talking.  Then one of those friends brings something up like, say, "coffee creamer is flammable."  Then the debate starts, "no it's not."  "Seriously, it is."  Then you have to prove if it is or it is…
Trampoline Fails
Trampolines have been around forever.  Growing up we had a trampoline.  We didn't have the round trampoline, it was a larger rectangular trampoline.  It was from Santa Claus.  It was the best thing ever!  However, growing up my brother used to do some stupid stuff with his friends with that trampoli…
Fitness Fun Thursdays With Gold’s Gym
Join us each Thursday on Mornings on Mix, for fitness fun Thursday's.  Every other Thursday, Lacey with Gold's Gym will join me in the studio to answer your fitness questions.  Then Thursday's like today, we will feature a fitness video.  So we need your help, send us y…
Top 5 Cereal Commercials from the 80’s
When it comes to the 80's we had some really cheesy things.  However, one of the best things about the 80's was cereal.  We had some really great cereal and really great cereal commercials.   Here are my top 5 cereal commercials from the 80s in no particular order.

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