Top 5 Songs for The Winter Weather
So it's cold out side.  Very cold outside.  The wind chill is close to zero.  So what does one do while getting ready to start the day.  Well I listen to 5 songs about the weather today.
A Reminder That Severe Weather Can Happen Anytime During The Year
Over the weekend around 12 states were hit by severe storms covering from Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York. Rain downpours,severe winds, also a few Tornadoes were part of these strong storms.
Fun Things To Do in the Snow
Well we survived Blizzard 2013!  Some of us are still trapped in the house.  I am until my driveway is cleaned off, my car isn't going anywhere in the drift that has formed in front of the garage. I'll admit, I wan't prepared, I don't even have a snow shovel to do it myself, so I wait on the lovely …
Send Us Your Texas Panhandle Blizzard Photos
Yes, it is cold outside.  Yes the snow is blowing like crazy.  I could barely open my front door.  My child is wanting to go outside and play and well, it isn't happening, yet.  So we all know this weather is crazy, and I'm curious, what does it look like in your neck o…

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