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Weirdest/Coolest Vending Machines Around the World
So we all know the typical vending machine, the coke machine that charges 75¢ for a can, or the snack machine that steals your money and taunts you through the glass with your snack just hanging there waiting for the next customer to get a snack you paid for, those machines.  I have run across some …
Cat Attacks Family and Holds them Hostage in a Room
I'll admit, I like cats as much as I like dogs.  We have a cat and he's a pretty big cat.  In fact the last trip to the vet he was 17 pounds.  That is huge for a cat.  He's a pretty tame cat, keeps to himself, when he wants love he'll come to you.  Howeve…
Facts That Make You Go HMMM, Then EWW!
So as I am checking out one of my favorite websites today, I came across a video with some weird and interesting facts about things.  Some will make you go HMM, while others will make you go EWW!
Real or Hoax?: UFO Takes A Swim
An condo complex in Florida, was watching their security footage when they noticed what appears to be a UFO, taking a quick dip in the pool.  Is this a UFO?  Is this just something weird on the camera?  You be the judge.

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