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Bride Attaches Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress
I completely understanding wanting to have your kids be a part of your wedding, however, attaching your newborn to your wedding dress probably isn't the way to go.  This bride had her wedding dressed altered so that she could attach her baby to the dress to walk down the aisle.
Weirdest/Coolest Vending Machines Around the World
So we all know the typical vending machine, the coke machine that charges 75¢ for a can, or the snack machine that steals your money and taunts you through the glass with your snack just hanging there waiting for the next customer to get a snack you paid for, those machines.  I have run across some …
Cat Attacks Family and Holds them Hostage in a Room
I'll admit, I like cats as much as I like dogs.  We have a cat and he's a pretty big cat.  In fact the last trip to the vet he was 17 pounds.  That is huge for a cat.  He's a pretty tame cat, keeps to himself, when he wants love he'll come to you.  Howeve…
Facts That Make You Go HMMM, Then EWW!
So as I am checking out one of my favorite websites today, I came across a video with some weird and interesting facts about things.  Some will make you go HMM, while others will make you go EWW!
Real or Hoax?: UFO Takes A Swim
An condo complex in Florida, was watching their security footage when they noticed what appears to be a UFO, taking a quick dip in the pool.  Is this a UFO?  Is this just something weird on the camera?  You be the judge.

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