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Death Valley Officials Say No More Frying Eggs
Death Valley is one of the beautiful National Parks located in our amazing country.  However Death Valley National Park is located in parts of California and Nevada and well let's just say it's hot, extreme heat up to 120 degrees, hot enough to fry and egg.
Man on Motorcyle Saves Coffee Cup [VIDEO]
We have all done it, we have all left something on the outside of our car.  Maybe it was a drink on top of the car or bumper.    Maybe the cell phone, cigarettes or keys.  We all have left something on our car and driven off.
Zombie Wedding in London [VIDEO]
What "Twilight" did for vampires, seems to be happening with zombies.  Did the revival of the vampire craze cause the revival of the zombie craze or should we just accredit that to "The Walking Dead"?  I'm not sure but here is one couple who have a …

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