The Road Work Report
If you didn't notice the road work happening this morning as you were heading off to work and taking the kids to another day of school, well wait till you head home form work. Look out for road construction around the Amarillo and Canyon areas.
The Top 10 Most Annoying Types Of Co-Workers
Yesterday, I did a post about a co-worker who left a more than half eaten Nutty Bar sitting on the cabinet in the break room and that got me thinking about the types of co-workers we are surrounded by everyday.  We all work around people each and every day...
5 Things Employees Do That Really Annoy Bosses
Sure, we all get annoyed at the boss from time to time, but keep in mind that that frustration can go both ways. If you want to excel at work, get promotions, get raises, have good things happen to you and such, take a look at these five things that really annoy bosses and don’t do t…
Best Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day
Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day.  Have you thought about what you are going to get the person who handles the day to day scheduling, filing, phone calls etc.  In other words, don't forget to acknowledge your right hand person.
Working the Late Shift Could Give You a Heart Attack
While some may prefer the relative quiet of working the late shift, a new study says that after-hours work may be bad for your health.
In fact, the study says, working the graveyard shift may actually give you a heart attack or stroke.
What Do You Look For In a Perfect Co-Worker
It is inevitable if you work, then you work with people.  Your co-workers are usually around you more than your family.  Do you have that perfect co-worker that you work with?  Do you have the one co-worker that you wished would go away?  I ran across a survey recently and the su…

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