The Rock Cooks Up a Trailer For His YouTube Channel
Not content to dominate the world through both Instagram and Twitter (and movies and television shows and wrestling guest appearances and talk show appearances and pretty much everything else), Dwayne Johnson has announced plans to launch his own YouTube channel on July 18 of this year. If the above…
Top 10 Music Videos of 2015
You can be confident that you know exactly what a song is about. Then, you watch the music video and all of your confidence fades away. Music videos are glimpses into the background of every song and even more so the artist that performs them...
Babies Riding on Roombas [VIDEO]
It's funny when you have kids, you tend to do some things that might not always be the smartest thing, but it turns into being a cute thing.  So you take a baby, and you take the cool robotic vacuum cleaner called a Roomba, you put the baby on the Roomba and you get this video.

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