Maybe that is a bit blown out of proportion, but it seems that more and more homes have decided to ditch the TV.

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It seems the digital way of life is changing how we do everyday things.  Viewers don't have to be on their couches in front of the TV anymore to catch their favorite show.  With DVRs and Tivos and digital streaming, it is now available to them when they want it.

According to an article on USAToday, over 5 million residences in the US have dumped their TV.  That number has grown by 2 million since 2007.

Now, I didn't say that these people don't watch TV.  They get their TV viewing on their electronic devices like their smart phones, tablets and laptops, through services like Netflix and through the individual station websites.

I can see how people would start gravitating to this way of TV viewing (if you can even call it that).

I mean after all, your TV bill can get to be outrageous, especially if you subscribe to the premium channels, which is highly likely because half the great series out there in TV land are on the premium channels.  Some households pay over $100 for their TV service.

If you watch your shows from digital sources it still seems cheaper than over $100 per month.

Are you one of these households?  Have you given up TV in your house and opted to watch programming on your hand held devices?  Are you a "Zero TV" family?

Would you rather view TV on your time rather than pay monthly for a hoard of channels that you never watch?