recently did a survey and listed the best cities in America for Barbeque.  No surprise that a city in Texas topped the list.Here's the list:

1 Austin

2 Memphis, Tennessee

3 San Antonio, Texas

4 Kansas City, Missouri

5 Nashville, Tennessee

6 Charleston, South Carolina

7 St. Louis, Missouri

8 New Orleans

9 Greenville, South Carolina

10 Atlanta

In Austin, there are several great barbeque restaurants. None, however, is as famous as Franklin's Barbeque.  They are only open for lunch. Typically, the line starts at about 10am and stretches a good ways.  They stay open until they sell out.  The restaurant was even featured in a credit card commercial.

Stiles Switch on Lamar Avenue is another great barbeque joint in Austin.  In addition to world-class barbeque, they feature their own craft beers.

Previously, an Amarillo barbeque joint was listed in Texas' best barbeque.  Click HERE to read.

After writing this, I will now enjoy some barbeque for lunch!