I don't play the Lottery very often.  I will occasionally buy a Crossword scratch off or a Bingo scratch off, but that is pretty much it when it comes to the lottery.  However, I may have to change my tune.  The estimated winnings of the Texas Lottery Mega Million for March 30th is

$500 Million Dollars!!!

The cash payout would be $359 million.  Either way, what in the world could one person do with that much money.

So if I happen to decide to play the lottery with a chance at $500 million what would I do with that much money.


1. Tithe-yes 10% of my winnings would go to my church.

2. Pay off my mother's car and remodel her house.

3. Pay off my bills

4. Buy a new car/house

5. Donate to my favorite Amarillo charities (the ones where I know the money would stay in Amarillo)

6. Take all my close friends and family on a vacation

7. Invest


So that is just a few things I would do with that much money.  What would you do with $500 million dollars?

Let me know in the comment section below.