Each and every year we dedicate 2 days to the Children's Miracle Network to raise money for this wonderful cause and this year you helped us raise over $120,000 for CMN!Your generous donations will go to help kids just like:

Emma-Cancer Survivor helped by CMN


Best Quote of Radiothon:

Jodi-What do you want to be when you grow up?  Emma- A doughnut maker!

Daniel - Current Cancer Fighter helped by CMN


Best Inspiration of CMN:

Daniel-I'm told I'm a lot of people's rock

Jax- Type 1 Diabetes helped by CMN

Jax's Best Quote:

Go Away Diabetes

Karon-Eplilepsy helped by CMN

Karen has a special epilepsy dog named Boston.  He was purchased as a family pet but when Karon had a seizure one day he went into life saving mode and now can detect when Karon will have a seizure and stay by her side until the seizure is over.

$120, 406.90

will go along way.

From the bottom of our hearts here at Mix 94.1