So with the Thanksgiving holiday 10 days away, I thought I would put together a list of Thanksgiving-esque songs. Some are literally about Thanksgiving while others fit into the theme of Thanksgiving.

  • Adam Sandler %22The Thanksgiving Song%22

    This video may contain some offensive language.

  • Nicole Westbrook %22It's Thanksgiving%22

    This song is new and was written by Patrice Wilson, the same guy that gave us "Friday" from Rebecca Black. Listen at your own risk!

  • Mary Chapin Carpenter %22The Thanksgiving Song%22

  • Bing Crosby %22I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For%22

  • Bob Marley %22Give Thanks and Praises%22

  • Kelly Clarkson %22Thankful%22

  • Dido %22Thank You%22

  • Natalie Cole %22Be Thankful%22

  • Natalie Merchant %22Kind and Generous%22

  • Bon Jovi %22Thank You for Loving Me%22