• 10

    Eat Texas-Shaped Food

    From waffles to tortilla chips, this is the easiest way to pay homage to the Lone Star State.

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    Put Texas On Your Clothes

    Although the "Home" shirts have become popular nationwide, nobody loves their state on their shirts as much as Texans.

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    Wear Jewelry With Texas On It

    Nothing classes up an outfit like a Texas medallion hanging from each ear. Ladies and gentlemen alike love to show off their Texas pride in silver and gold.

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    Explain Someone's Personality By Saying What School They Go To

    If you choose to go to college in Texas, prepare to be judged on your school. Expect knowing looks and eye rolls when you tell Texans which school you go/went to. "Oh, you went to A&M? That explains so much."

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    Say Things Like, "You Could Get Across Nine States on the East Coast In the Time It Takes You To Cross Texas."

    It excites Texans like no other when they travel to a town that is outside of Texas and it takes a shorter amount of time to get there than it would to get somewhere inside of Texas. Texans bring this up at every opportunity.

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    Constantly Talk About Seceding

    Since Texans know that Texas is the best state in America, they are always threatening to secede. First, they know that America would be nothing without Texas. Second, they know Texas would still be everything without America.

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    Name Things After Texas

    Dallas, Austin, Travis, and Houston are some of the more common names for children. Aggie, Raider, and Cowboy are popular names for dogs. And what do Texans name their horses? Things like Texas Tornado, Abilene Queen, and Amarillo Sunrise.

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    Display Texas Flag Everywhere

    Not only will they hoist it high into the air at any location, but Texans will put the state flag on anything. Pajama bottoms, wine bottles, trailer hitches, bikinis, cuff links, shoes, Christmas decorations...

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    Vow To Never Leave Texas

    This is self-explanatory.

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    Get A Tattoo of Texas

    Nothing is more hardcore or committed than printing the state of Texas on your skin forever. It's more common in Texas than you would think. Just Google, "Texas tattoo" and prepare for the state pride.