We have advertising surrounding us everywhere we go.  We have it on our TVs, on our computers, snuck into movies, shown before movies, on the radio, on our phones and tablets, on our drive to and from work.  Everywhere!  However, some of those advertising campaigns are genius. You might not ever buy the product but you remember the commercials.

  • Budweiser's Whassup! Campaign

    As annoying as it was you heard this over and over and over again.  You still hear people doing this today.

    This campaign ran from 1999-2002

    To this day Whassup, is still associated with Budweiser products.

  • Herbal Essance Oraganic Experience Campaign

    Herbal Essence hit the jackpot on this campaign with a play on words.

    They somehow tied shampoo to sex.

    So anytime someone mentions Herbal Essence shampoo, doesn't the line, "a totally organic experience" pop into your head.

    This campaign ran in the late 90's early 2000's

  • Domino's Pizza Noid Campaign

    One of my favorite characters from an advertising campaign was the Noid.  The little mean thing that tried to destroy your pizza.

    At the time this campaign ran, Domino's Pizza wasn't in this area.  All I wanted was Domino's because of the Noid.

    The campaign began in 1986.

    The Noid was revived briefly in 2011.

  • Progressive's Flo Campaign

    It was the Progressive commercial I saw this morning while getting dressed that made me think of doing this post.

    Flo is so quirky and fun that she makes you want to buy insurance.

    The Flo campaign started in 2010.


  • Got Milk Campaign

    The campaign first started in 1993 with a guy trying to win a $10,000 radio question.  He gets through and has a mouth full of PB&J sandwich.

    Then the campaigned morphed into something else.

    What better way to promote drinking milk than with celebrities with milk mustaches.

    Put a good lookin' male or female on a page with a milk 'stache and anyone would be grabbing for the carton.


  • Oscar Mayer Bologna

    The famous, "My Bologna, had a first name..." commercial aired in 1976 and became the longest running commercial ever.

    Most everyone knows the song and I can pretty much guarantee on those weird occasions where you have to spell bologna, you sing the song in your head.

  • Maytag Repairman Campaign

    What better than a lonely repairman. to get your point across that your products work amazingly.

    The Maytag lonely repairman was played by Jesse White until 1988.  Newton, the basset hound joined, White in 1986.

    Gordon Jump took over as the repairman after White in 1989 until he retired 2003.  Hardy Rawls then took over as the repairman.  Then in 2005 Rawls contract was not renewed and Clay Earl Jackson became 'Ol Lonely in 2007.

  • Wendy's Where's the Beef Campaign

    Clara Peller made the phrase, "Where's the Beef" a unforgettable slogan for Wendy's in 1984.

    However in 1985 she appeared in a Prego commercial saying she found the beef and her run with Wendy's was over.

    In 2011 Wendy's revived the phrase claiming they had found the beef.