Rick and I were talking this morning about random nonsense.  That random nonsense usually turn into a idea.  This morning we were talking about Hall and Oates and I said, "talk about a mustache."  And now we have this post.  The Best Mustaches of the 80's

  • 1

    Tom Selleck

    C'mon it is Tom Selleck, his mustache is so iconic, that Joey and Chandler from "Friends" had to have one.

    Enjoy Tom Selleck mustache awesomeness here!

    Getty Images/Hulton Archive
  • 2

    Burt Reynolds

    It's the perfect fuzzy full mustache

  • 3

    Gerald McRaney

    He sported the perfect mustache in "Simon and Simon."  He still had the perfect 'stache when he was "Major Dad".  Gerald McRaney still has his iconic mustache although just a little grayer.  Delta Burke still gets tickled by it when they kiss.

  • 4

    Sam Elliot

    Sam Elliot in my opinion is the sexiest old guy around.   That mustache matched with that voice, is what made him.   Beef It's What's for Dinner!

  • 5

    Ted Lange

    Who didn't want to take a trip on "The Love Boat" and have Issac serve up some drinks. It is the mustache, that made the man.