I love tea.  Iced tea is my go to drink.  I am not a coke drinker (by coke I mean, soda for those non Texan folks reading this post).  I love my iced tea.  So that is why I love the fact that Amarillo has some really great places to get tea.  So here are my top 5 choices to get tea.


Pak A Sak is my favorite place to get tea.  Not only is it quick and easy but the drive through just makes me love it even more.   I loved their tea bar with different kinds of teas.  They were always my favorite but now that they carry the Tea2Go Coconut Tea they will always be my go to place to get tea.  I will go out of my way to get tea at Pak A Sak.

I'll admit this is a new establishment in Amarillo.  However, they have won my heart over. Not only do they provide the delicious Coconut tea to Pak A Sak (among other flavors) they have a huge selection of loose leaf teas you can make at home.  I love their Coconut White tea hot.  It hits the spot on a cold day.  If you are a tea connoisseur then you definitely need to try this out.

This is a plus for me because the station is directly across the street and I frequent this establishment.  In my opinion they have the best green tea in town.  I love their Blueberry Green tea.  When I need a out of the ordinary tea, I run across the street and buy the biggest size they have.  I mean with over 18 types to choose from you are bound to find a favorite

 My Own Home

Let's face it we all know what we like so when it comes to tea I love my own homemade tea.  I know what kind of brand I like, I know how long to heat it, I know how long to steep it once it is heated.  I know the right tea to water ratio.  I just know what I like so that's why this is on my list.

I'm gonna add this to my list because I have had the Water Still tea once and really liked it.   I don't frequent it very often because it is located in a high traffic area meaning it isn't the easiest to get in and out of their parking lot plus they don't have a drive thru.  However, with all that said, I wouldn't count this place out because s few of my friends swear by it.

So these are my favorite places to get tea in Amarillo.

I'll be honest, I  used to frequent another place in town to get my tea.  I loved to get my tea from them, then one day something happened.  I don't know if they changed their brand, changed the way of making it, but it just wasn't good anymore.  It doesn't matter what flavor I choose, it tastes as if they have thrown a bit of cigarette ash into the filter.  Which I know they don't but I gave up on them.