When I think of Sarah McLachlan I think of the 90's.  I think of Lillith Fair, I think of her great music.   I only have one negative thought when it comes to Sarah McLachlan, but we won't even get into sad puppies.  Here are my Top 5 Sarah McLachlan songs.  If yours didn't make the list let me know your favorite Sarah song.  Plus, after you get your fill of Sarah jams, don't forget to sign up to see her Live in the Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA.

You will notice that most of my top 5 come of her Surfacing album.  Sarah won two Grammy's for this album.


Aida was the third song released off of Surfacing.  This song was Sarah's first Top 5 song.  There is something powerful about this song.  Maybe it is just the calming way Sarah sings the song.


Building a Mystery

No pun intended but I love this song just for the mysterious sound it has, it is just one of those that gets your attention.  Even thought this song only charted for her at #13, the song went #1 in Canada.


This was her first single off of her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album.  I love to call this Sarah's angry chick song.    It has been said that she wrote this song about weird obsessed fans.

Sweet Surrender

Sometimes there are songs that just speak to you and this just happen to be one of those songs that spoke to me.  Heck even as I type this, the song is turned up (as I annoy my co-workers).  It's just one of those you have to turn up to get the full enjoyment.  It was the second single released off of Surfacing.  Even though it didn't crack the Top 30, it is still one of my all time Sarah favorites.

Good Enough

This song touches on a abusive relationship whether it be physical or emotional.  It is just a beautiful song, that like Sweet Surrender, it can grab those emotions deep inside.  It is off her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Yeah, I'm kinda a early Sarah McLachlan junkie.  You probably noticed that Sarah's hits aren't included in this list.   These were the songs that Sarah recorded for movies.  I loathe them.  For one, the SPCA ruined Angel for me because that's all I think about is sad, sad, hurt dogs and cats when I hear it.  I Will Remember You is far from a favorite for me because, I'll say it, radio ruined it for me.  That is on of those songs that after you hear it over and over and over again, you grow to hate it, that and it became and anthem for everything.

So there you go, my favorite Sarah McLaclan songs.  Again, I would love to know your favorites.

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