Every year during the Children's Miracle Network Celebration Radiothon you will find a special group of volunteers who give their time to answer phones.  They are the special people who take your donation for the Children's Miracle Network.

When you call in a nice kind voice will pick up the phone and say "Thank you for calling the Children's Miracle Network would you like to make a pledge?"

Then all you have to say is yes I would love to be a Miracle Maker.

They will ask you if you would like to make a one time donation or a monthly pledge.

A Miracle Maker is $10 per month.  When you hear us on the air, we are asking for Miracle Makers.  (A miracle maker totals to $120 per year).  If you are blessed you can always choose to do more per month.  Which we encourage.

The person then will take your information which includes your Name, Address, and phone number.

Once they get that information they will ask you for your credit card number they take Visa, Mastercard and American Express, however, they do not accept Discover.

If you don't have a card they can mail you a pledge reminder so you can pay by check or money order.

They want to make your experience wonderful.

Remember when you call and make your Miracle Maker donation to the Children's Miracle Network, 100% of that money stays local to help our local kids.

So pick up your phone and dial 806-212-4357 and speak to these wonderful phone bank volunteers and make your Miracle Maker donation to the Children's Miracle Network.