According to the interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, the End Of The World is set to take place exactly one year from today. That is, if you believe "This Interpretation" of the Mayan Calendar

For those of you who saw 2012 the movie, it might still be fresh on your mind. That's right, the end of the world, again. Many people have predicted the end of the world, and have obviously been very wrong. Harold Camping is one of the most recent who predicted it to happen this past spring, never happened. Then he said, "I got it wrong. It will happen in October". Never happened.

Going back thousands of years, many people have predicted the end of the world and the very fact that you are reading this post, shows that it hasn't happened. So, why are so many giving so much credence to the idea that the Mayans got it right?

Well, many think it's just plain bull. In fact, it is pointed out that the date on the Mayan calendar that they are referring to just shows the end of an era, like many others dated on previous Mayan calendars. But, according to some, this is the end.

So, we will see and I hope to write the blog announcing that we are all still here, exactly one year from today.

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