March 22nd, Polygamy was outlawed, Clara Peller found the beef then was fired

1882 - For some reason, Congress OUTLAWED POLYGAMY.

1894 - Hockey's first STANLEY CUP championship was played.  The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association defeated the Ottawa Capitals, 3-to-1.

1903 - NIAGARA FALLS ran out of water due to a drought. 

1960 - Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes of Bell Labs obtained a patent for THE LASER which they called THE MASER.

1985 - WENDY'S dropped the amazing CLARA PELLER of "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" fame after Clara did spots for PREGO pasta sauce saying she'd FOUND THE BEEF!

1990 - DONALD and IVANA TRUMP divorced.  Ivana cleared $25 MILLION.

1994 - TED NUGENT recorded public service announcements warning teenagers about the dangers of inhaling aerosol sprays to get high.

1995 - A judge in Waco, Texas, dropped marijuana possession charges against WILLIE NELSON after ruling the police search of Willie's car was illegal.

1997 - PAUL MCCARTNEY'S original BIRTH CERTIFICATE sold to an unidentified buyer for $84,146 in the biggest-ever auction of Beatles memorabilia.

1998 - At the 18th Annual Razzie Awards, Worst Picture and Worst Actor went to KEVIN COSTNER for "THE POSTMAN" who even beat SHAQUILLE O'NEAL from "STEEL".  Worst Actress was DEMI MOORE for "G.I. JANE".

2005 - Television personality PAT O'BRIEN'S voicemail messages were unleashed upon the Internet.

2005 - For the first time in the history of the show, "AMERICAN IDOL" was forced to have a re-vote when they displayed the incorrect numbers for three of the contestants during the voting stage.