If the title seems cryptic to you, it wasn't meant to be but apparently Fig Newtons aren't hip and cool.  So in order to make them hip and cool Nabisco is dropping the Fig from the name.

Don't get me wrong when it comes to Fig Newtons, they are not my favorite cookie choice but they are tasty.  I like the original, but I like the Strawberry much better.

I get the reasons why they might want to drop the Fig.  Number one it sounds old, like something out of the 40's our grandparents would eat.  Number two they don't just have Fig flavored Newtons, they come in several flavors.

Then again, do they really think more people will eat Newtons.  I mean in all honesty that sounds like they ground up a happy sitcom family and put them in a cookie?  I understand eating an Oreo or a Chips Ahoy because they don't sound like last names.  I get Keebler is a last name but they've marketed the cookies as being made by tiny elves so they are OK to eat because of that reason.  The Fig Newton was defined by the Fig.  Now just being a Newton?  Something seems like it is missing.