With the government shutdown, you might be wondering what might be affected in our area. Here is a short list of what is affected nationally and some of the local services.

Will these shutdowns affect you in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

Federal Employees - 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed and will not be paid.

US Military - 1.4 million active duty will stay active, but face delayed payment.

Food Programs - WIC, which provides food to low income pregnant and new mothers will not be funded.

Public Health - The CDD faces reduced ability to detect and treat outbreaks.

Animals - Federal zoos are shut down, while the animals are still being cared for.

Science - NASA will furlough almost all of its employees, but will keep Mission Control operational to support those in the International Space Station.

Travel & Tourism - Federal parks are closed while state parks remain open. Federal air traffic controllers are still on the job. State department will still continue processing Travel Visas and Passports.

Courts - Federal courts will continue operation for 10 days after the shutdown. Beyond that point, employee furloughs will begin for those who are considered "non-essential" employees.

Mail - Deliveries will continue as normal.

Homeland Security - These employees will stay on the job.

Veterans Services - These services will remain because lawmakers approve funding a year in advance.