I'm not a fan of the cell phone ban, it isn't because I text and drive.  That is just crazy dangerous but I do missing being able to take phone calls while driving. That is the only time I can take private calls without people or my son hearing a conversation that doesn't need to be shared.  I haven't been using my phone at all in my car since the ban went into effect.  I'll admit, I miss it.


However, I make it a point of watching to see if people are on their phones or texting while I'm out driving.  I have seen a huge amount of people breaking the new law.  I have seen a ton of drivers talking on their phones, not so much texting.  I did see a teenager in a very nice expensive car texting while driving down a residential street the other day.  This same street had at least 10 children playing outside on it.

With all of that said, the grace period for the cell phone ban is over, police will no longer give warnings for talking on your cell phone while driving.  If caught you will be giving a citation that could cost you $200.

So, the things you can do to avoid the ticket, don't use your phone in the car at all, get a Bluetooth hands free device, or test your luck until you get caught.

If you oppose the cell phone ban, there is a group that has started a legitimate petition and is in the process of collecting signatures so that this ban can be voted on by the citizens of Amarillo.  For more information CLICK HERE.