The High Plains Food Bank serves 29 counties in  the  Texas Panhandle.    They provide food for families who are unable to provide food for themselves.  The food they provide comes from people who donate the food to the High Plains Food Bank.  According to Broc Carter, Director of Communications, High Plains Food Bank, they had their highest ever distribution month in July.  They distributed nearly 800,000 pounds of food.

That is a lot of food and a lot of hungry people in the Texas Panhandle.  With the recession, higher utility bills and high gas prices it makes it hard to manage a household.  With fewer dollars to spend on food and a lot of people that are unemployed the Food Bank is distributing more and more food to more and more people.

As mentioned earlier, nearly 800,000 pound was distributed.  That much food going out has left the shelves of the High Plains Food Bank empty.


How can we help?  Get together with your co-workers and do a in office food drive.  Talk to your churches, life groups and do your own food drive.  Pick up and extra sack of food when you do your grocery shopping and take it over to the High Plains Food Bank.  Donate money to the HPFB, did you know that they can turn $1 into $12 worth of food.

The High Plains Food Bank needs everything to fill up their empty shelves.  August is here and people will need food to survive.  Here is a list of what they need:

Canned vegetables

Canned fruits

Canned meats-tuna, chicken, etc

Boxed Dinners



pinto beans

Peanut Butter/ jellies (in plastic containers)

bottled water

Any non-perishable food item.

You can drop donations off at their location at 815 Ross Street, or drop off your donations here at our studios, 6214 W. 34th St.

If you don't have the means to donate food or money how about time?  The High Plains Food Bank is always looking for volunteers.  CLICK HERE for more information.

No one should have to go hungry.  Help the High Plains Food Bank alleviate hunger in the Texas Panhandle.