Over the weekend I watched The Lincoln Lawyer, the main reason I watched it was because it starred Matthew McConaughey, but it was a really great movie.  Since it was such a good movie it looks like ABC is turning it into a TV Drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

ABC is going back to familiar territory adapting...The Lincoln Lawyer.

Lincoln Lawyer, based on the Lionsgate feature starring Matthew McConaughey, has grossed $58 million at the

domestic box office, will be written by film scribes John Romano & Michael Connelly, who penned the novels. Gary Luchessi/Lakeshore Entertainment is attached to produce

through Lionsgate.

Lincoln Lawyer is crime writer Connelly’s 16th novel and

revolves around Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller, the half-brother of Connelly’s famed detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, driving around the city in a Lincoln Town Car

driven by a former client working off his legal fees.

It could be a great series, the only downfall, Matthew McConaughey won't reprise the role in the TV show.