May 12th, great music dominated on this day, BP tried again to stop the leak in the Gulf, and a President visited Cuba for the first time.

1932 - The baby son of Charles Lindbergh was found dead 10 days after his kidnapping a few miles from their home.  Charles Jr. is now known in history at the Lindbergh Baby.

1960 - Old Blue Eyes and The King  appeared on a TV special together.  Frank Sinatra performed "Love Me Tender" and Elvis sang "Witchcraft".

1963 - Bob Dylan walked out  on "The Ed Sullivan Show", because they would not allow him to perform "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues"

1965- The Rolling Stones recorded "Satisfaction."  Then six years later

1971 - Mick Jagger married Bianca Perez Morena de Macias .  They divorced in 1980.

1971- Jerry Lee Lewis divorced his cousin Myra.

1978 - The Commerce Department  said hurricanes would no longer be named exclusively after women.

1984- Lionel Riche's "Hello" topped the charts

1992 - Robert Reed a.k.a Mike Brady from the "Brady Bunch," died at the age of 59 from intestinal cancer and complications from AIDS.

2001 - Perry Como died of Alzheimer's. He was 98

2002- Friends Psychic Network host and singer Dionne Warwick was arrested at the Miami International Airport after security discovered 11 marijuana cigarettes in her lipstick container.

2002 -Jimmy Carter was the first president, acting or inactive, to visit Cuba.

2010- BP placed a "Top-Hat" dome near the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this was the second attempt at trying to control the leak