Excuse this proud Father as I brag on my eldest Daughter for a moment.

Tabitha is one of the most talented and creative people I know and as much as I would like to take a little bit a credit for that talent I have to admit that it all comes from her Momma.

Tabby has her own photography business and also has begun crocheting some cool hats for family, friends and even has starting taking orders through her Facebook page. She's making me a 'minion' from Despicable Me as we speak.

Merry, a little Elf from the North Pole, has also noticed her creativity and actually has allowed Tabby to take some pictures of her when she comes to visit as the Holidays get closer.

I wanted to share with you some of the mischief, caught on camera, that Merry has gotten into over the years.

Merry has done everything from making Snow Angels to starting a snowball fight and even ended up messing with Bazinga the cat while she slept.

As we get closer to Christmas, maybe these pictures will spark some creativity or mischief for your Elf that visits your family this Holiday season.