Tis the season for shopping, and the season for shoplifting.  Retailers lose billions of dollars each year to shoplifters.  You would be amazed some of the items that are the most popular to shoplift.  I'm not even sure how they would get them out of the store?

According to Adweek:

One in every 11 people who walk through the door will walk out with at least one item he or she didn't pay for.

"Seventy percent of shoplifters tell us they didn't plan to shoplift," says Barbara Staib, spokesperson for the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention.

We also know that three-quarters of shoplifters aren't troubled teens; they're adults--most with jobs. And 35 percent of losses will happen with the help of a corrupt employee.

The scariest part? Shoplifting is up 6 percent compared to 2010.

So some of the main items shoplifted are perfumes, mainly Channel #5, Polo Clothing and Nikes, iPhones, and liquor.

But these are the Things that made me to "Hmmmm."

Let's Rock Elmo

I understand that this is a popular toy this Christmas, but how does one walk out of the store with a huge box that the toy comes in.  I know they don't try to take it out of the box because of all the twist and zip ties in the packaging.

I understand that this is on the wish list for Christmas, and one of the more expensive toys for this holiday season.  It retails for 59.99 at Toys R Us.



Mainly Filet Mignon-Really do people walk into the meat section of the grocery store and start shoving meat into their pants?  Then again purses seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year.

I enjoy a steak every now and then, but I cannot imagine stealing one.




Shaving Products

Mainly Razors- Gillette Razors or the fancy razors with multiple blades-these are the Royles Royce of razors but never in my right mind would I imagine people stealing this sort of thing and the amount of razors that are stolen.

Adweek's article says, Shaving products account for over 2.7 percent of store inventory losses.

I understand that a man wants to smell good.  Unfortunately, I don't have the heart to tell them that the commercials for Axe Body Spray lie and don't cause women to act like that.  I guess advertising does work.

Adweek continues, "Walgreens and CVS recently experienced a series of burglaries," Hayes adds, "where the only thing stolen was body wash."

How much body spray and deoderant can one person really need?


I understand that times are tough.  However, I never understood shop lifting.  I personally believe that if I can't afford it, then I don't get it.

I understand parents wanting to buy their kids the latest gadget, but I can't afford to get my son the BIG thing he wants for Christmas and I have explained that to him.  I also explained that if Santa doesn't bring it, it is for the same reason.

Shoplifting will happen, but, some of these products are just odd to shoplift.