So I did it, I watched the return of Dallas last night and I'll admit once again I'm hooked.

I remember watching this show every Friday Night with my Mom.   Her show's were Dallas, Knots Landing and Dynasty.  That was the hot button of primetime drama back in teh 80's and it was GOOD!

TNT brought back the Ewing family and South Fork.  Any Dallas fan should have been proud.

Patrick Duffy back as Bobby Ewing.  Linda Gray back as Sue Ellen and Larry Hagman returns at the evil JR Ewing.


When the open sequence hit goosebumps popped up on my arms.

I know there were a ton of people checking out the new Dallas last night because Twitter was on fire with #Dallas, #DallasTNT.

Facebook posts from my friends were through the roof.

I must admit, JR is still JR.  Loved it and JR's son will be just as ruthless.  Watch out, this series is gonna be HOT!

Let's just hope it doesn't go by the wayside like the return of Beverly Hills 90210 by bringing back some of the cast then phasing them out.