How do couples stay happy?  Are you part of a happy couple?  Are these the secrets to being happy as a couple?

#1.)  Say Good Morning. Instead of waking up, getting out of bed, and heading straight for the coffee maker or the shower, roll over and say "good morning" first.

According to one study, 94% of couples who say good morning every day rate their relationships as "excellent."  And couples who RARELY say good morning describe their relationships as "below average."

#2.)  Acknowledge Things They Do That Benefit Both of You. You probably already say "thank you" when someone does something that specifically benefits YOU, like a foot massage, or picking up your dry cleaning.

But it's also important to say "thank you" for things like taking out the trash, walking the dog, or getting the kids ready for school.

When you're with someone for a while, you might start EXPECTING them to do those things, and forget to thank them.  And they'll probably resent you for it.

#3.)  Compliment Each Other in Public. Obviously it's good to praise each other when you're alone.

But happy couples compliment each other when other people are around too  especially their friends.  It sends the message that you're proud to be together.

Saying something simple when you're with a group, like telling someone they're funny, smart, or that they look great,  can go a long way.