So here we are in 2014 and well the survival rate of daytime soap operas has dropped significantly.  However, that doesn't mean that people still don't watch their favorite soap.  If they missed it during the day and the DVR missed the recording you could just pop on over to SOAPNet and catch up.  Well you could, but now you can't.  SOAPNet is officially dead, done, gone.

My mother has watched Days of Our Lives all my life, heck before I was born she was watching Days.  I was hooked on days until a few years ago and I couldn't take the same plot line over and over and over again so I stopped watching it.  Well my mom said something to me the other day, she said she missed Days on her lunch break and turned it over to SOAPNet to catch it that night and the channel was gone.  Poof!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Sadly, it is gone.  It aired its last soap opera and last syndication on December 31st.


Why? What is up with this travesty?   Where am I gonna go to get my Beverly Hills 90210 fix?