I'll be honest I didn't realize it was snowing last night until my mom called and asked if it was snowing here.  I yelled at E. to put his PJs on because he had just gotten out of the shower and he did and came running into the living room.  I told him to open the door and of course got the excited scream, "snow, it's snowing, oh my gosh snow". 

It was one of those moments where I should have been taping but I was still on the phone with my mom.  So with the snow last night, and the excitement of my little man.  I thought I would put this post together of the Top 5 Things to Do in the Snow According to my 6-Year Old.

These are things that he has said over the last few year.

1. Build a Snowman

Of course this is a given and we actually haven't had enough snow this year to build a snowman, at least not in my yard.

flickr/Dan'l Burton

2. Snow Angels

There is nothing like laying down on the ground and making snow angels.  However, as E. says once I get cold I have to stop.

Flickr/Saskia Heijltjes

3.  Throw Snowballs at Mommy

He loves to pummel me with snowballs.  It is his thing.  No matter if it is 3 ft deep or just a few flurries he will find a way to chunk snow at me.

flickr/Brian Sawyer

4.  Make Snow Ice Cream

Ever since the first time I made it for him when he was 2, he has always wanted snow ice cream every time it snows.


5. Pee in the Snow

Not my fault, he is a boy.  He thinks this is the best thing ever.  I don't understand it.  If I don't keep the backdoor locked after it snows, he will sneak out there and pee in the snow.  I don't get the kid, but then again I'm told it's a boy thing.

Yeah, this doesn't get a picture.  That would be icky!  Who wants to see yellow snow.