When I heard about 21 Jump Street being made into a movie, I was somewhat excited.  I loved the TV Show when I was younger.  It could have been because of Johnny Depp or Richard Grieco but none the less it was a good show.

Then I heard that Channing Tatum was set to star in the movie, I found myself even more excited about the movie.  I don't care so much for Jonah Hill but hey he is taking on the Peter DeLuise role.

The trailer for the movie was recently released and I was shocked when I logged onto YouTube and had to show that I was a adult to be able to watch the trailer.

This movie isn't the 21 Jump Street you grew up on.

The trailer is filled with nothing but profanity, I counted 17 cuss words just in the 3 minute trailer and 6 of those were F-bombs.  When you click on the facebook page for the movie, you will find the stars of the movie talking about drugs, alcohol and having sex with their teachers.

I don't understand why Hollywood would think that this would be OK?  Does more cussing in a movie mean it is going to make at the box office?  As far as I'm concerned, they took a decent TV drama and tried to turn it into a dirty comedy.

Not only that, most of this movie takes place in a high school, so of course most high school kids will want to go and see this movie.

I don't feel right posting the trailer on here but if you want to see it:

Click Here to watch the trailer but be warned it is not safe for work and is intended for mature audiences.

The movie hits theaters on March 16th.