As you might have guessed, Breaking Dawn Part 1 took the number 1 spot at the box office this weekend.  So far the movie has made $139.5 million ($283 million worldwide), which makes it the 5th best opening of a movie of all time.  I went and saw the movie over the weekend and I must say Bill Condon (director) and Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay) did a wonderful job bringing the first half of the book to life.

As with any book to movie adaption something will be missed or not included however this movie was spot on with most of the scenes.

Bella's wedding dress, I won't go into details of what the dressed looked like because for those who haven't seen the movie yet, it is the most anticipated wedding dress ever!   However, I wasn't impressed.  I know that they producers and costumers cannot go around to ever person and say "how did you picture Bella's wedding dress."  It is their adaptation.  I didn't like it.

Honeymoon, yet again the most anticipated honeymoon scene ever!  They handled it with taste and it was a great part of the movie.

Bella's pregnancy, Oh My Gosh!  Kudos, because just about everything I pictured in my head from the book they were able to put up on the big screen.

Bella Gives Birth, no matter what rating this movie would have gotten the directors would have never been able to get this scene as I pictured it.  I pictured the gore and the blood x 10.  Bill Condon handled this scene perfectly.  Tears were running down my cheeks (of course my husband just sat there laughing at me), I don't think that scene could have been any better because what they didn't show left my mind reverting back to the scene I created when I read the book.

I would love to continue telling you about the other parts of the movie that I loved but if I did that, I would ruin the movie for you.  That is only for those who haven't actually read the book.

As we are walking out of the theater, my husband kept asking me, so what's gonna happen next?  I just smile and say you'll have to wait til next year or read the book!

By the way, keep your eye open during the wedding scene and you will see Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.