We lost Lony's dad, my father-in-law , two years ago.  He passed away after 15 years of fighting brain cancer.  This morning as I was getting up and moving around I had the tv on the Travel Channel and I realized the Amarillo episode of Man Vs. Food was coming on so I set the DVR to record it.  I just happened to sit down in the living room while it was recording and  the part of the episode about the Stockyard Cafe was on.  A few second scene came on and I did a double take.  All I have to say is thank the Lord for rewind.  I called Lony into the living room and Ethan came running as well.  I hit the play button and both of their faces lit up and Ethan started jumping up and down, "that's Papa, that's Papa mommy and daddy." Lony quickly responded with, "oh my gosh that's my dad!" I was speechless and a couple of tears ran down my cheek.  That was one of Tommy's favorite places to eat and there he was chowing down on his favorite food at his favorite restaurant.

We love to watch Man Vs. Food.  It amazes me that we never caught the Amarillo of episode until this morning.   Let me just say it was a great way to start the day.  The first part of the episode is below, you'll see my father-in-law at 7:30.

What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful memory that we will have forever.  We will be heading out and buying Season One of Man Vs. Food today so we'll always have that moment of Tommy on DVD.