As, I sit here today, looking up stuff to talk about.  Looking through different sites I find myself reading different articles on "The Walking Dead", and the season finale this week.  That got me thinking, about how this show has completely messed with my emotions. 


So as I said "The Walking Dead" has thrown my emotions for a loop.  Careful if you haven't watched the series and are starting from the beginning don't read this.

I'll be honest with you, I had heard about "The Walking Dead", and didn't think much of it until one day I turned on Netflix (I gave up my subscription after I caught up) and saw the entire first season was available. One weekend when I didn't have to work, I watched the entire first season and fell in love with the show.  I loved the characters, I loved the storyline, the plot and most of all I loved how well written this is was and is written.

Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl, Daryl, Andrea, Glenn, T-Dog, Carol, Sophia and Dale,  they all become family.  Daryl is struggling with the loss of his brother Meryl, the love triangle between Rick, Lori and Shane, the anger from Andrea, and Dale to hold it all together.

Luckily, I watched all the episodes a few weeks before season 2 premiered.

The second season of "The Walking Dead" was a complete emotional roller coaster.  First of all you become so invested in these characters that when something happens its like losing a good friend.

So in season 2 they lost Sophia, before finally finding the farm, and all season, you as a viewer are hoping that Rick, Shane, Daryl, Andrea, Glen, somebody is going to find this little girl.  You ache for it, yet deep down you know that it probably won't happen, then...

Then Carl gets shot in the woods, and Shane turns evil when he sends Otis to his death.

Shane's lost his mind, Dale is fearful of Shane, Lori is psycho, Rick seems clueless and then, Shane goes off the deep end and there we have the biggest moment of season 2.  As all the walkers make their way out of the barn, one last little walker remains...Sophia.

Sophia met her end by a zombie bite, and then met her walker end at the hand of Rick. The heart breaking thing about it was she had been in the barn the whole time.

I bawled for a good 10 minutes, I could and would cry at that episode if I watched it again. In fact, the clip made me cry all over again.  Goodbye Sophia.  Really?!? Did you have to kill Sophia writers?  That scene damaged me.  I still feel a sting of hurt when I think about it.

Is is because Sophia was a young girl?  Was it because I could feel Carol's pain as a mom losing her child?  Not sure what it was but it hurt.

Then, the fatherly figure of the group Dale, gets it, he gets eaten by a walker that Carl failed to kill earlier in the day.

Dale is dead, and Shane is mentally gone, Lori is freaking out.

Shane decides he had enough and tries to lure Rick away from the others to kill him.  Once Rick figures out what is going on, another huge moment happens.  Rick kills Shane, yes we know Shane has got to go, but in murder?  Kill or be killed.  It is crazy.  Once the stab happens and Shane is dead, then it becomes apparent that everyone is infected and will instantly become a zombie, bitten on not, once they die.  Then little Carl kills Shane and good bye childhood.

How can a TV show kill off so many of its great characters?  How can my emotions handle it.  I cried when they killed Sophia, then Dale, then Shane (yes, it made me sad.  I secretly rooted for Shane to turn it around).

A zombie heard takes over the farm, and everyone scatters, people are lost, people die, people are left on their own.

So this brings us to Season 3, the current season that ends this Sunday.

So what do they do in the first few episodes, they kill T-Dog.  Yep, he goes out a hero.  Another literally bites the dust and my heart breaks again.

Then its time for the baby and Lori realizes that this is her end.  So there Maggie is slicing her open in front of Carl, and saving the baby.  Then Carl is left with the decision to shoot his mom in the head so she won't turn.  Seriously?!? Again I am bawling, not because Lori met her demise (I was done with her whining ways) but that Carl had to kill his own mom.  From 9 to 12 to Adult in two seasons.

So the Governor has his little peaceful town with his twisted tanks of heads and his little zombie daughter, you know this won't end well.  So Andrea and Michonne show up in Woodbury and Andrea falls for this crap.

Then we meet Meryl again, Meryl big brother to Daryl, he's alive, he cut his hand off to survive and he ended up in Woodbury as a assassin, for the most part, to the Governor.

So eventually, the brothers are back together, YAY! However, Meryl is still seen as a jerk, that only cares about himself.  The Governer tries to kill Meryl and Daryl when he pits them against each other in the Zombie arena.  Yet, they are saved and Meryl is once again a part of Rick's group.  Yet, no one trusts him.  Which brings us to last Sunday's episode.

This one probably hit me harder than possible Sophia's death.  Meryl tries for redemption, however, he won't get to reap the rewards of redemption.

Daryl, walks up onto the bloody scene that Meryl has created only to find Meryl as a zombie.  The emotions that go across Daryl's face.  The pain, the hurt, the confusion, the anger.  I cried, and it was a hard cry.  I didn't find myself crying because Meryl was dead, it was bound to happen.  I was crying because of Daryl.

I don't know if I can take much more, the season ending is this Sunday and I know, I know something huge is coming and it will probably take out two or three regulars.  I am thinking Hershel will meet his end.  Will Beth possibly die as well.  Will Glen, Maggie, Rick, Carol or Daryl say goodbye?  Will the baby be taken.

So much is up in the air, but I do know this, I will be try to be prepared for a blast to the emotions on Sunday.