When I read the press release on something called the WhataGames, I'll be honest it made me laugh a little.  I mean the first thing that popped into my head was "The Hunger Games," but with hamburgers and people in their orange uniforms.  However, all joking aside, the WhataGames is actually a real thing for Whataburger.


They say that in an effort to keep the "What a burger!" experience alive over 740 different people from different Whataburgers across the country compete in this competition.

The WhataGames test different Whataburger employees in three categories which include,  operations, corporate history and customer service.

Only 100 advance onto the semifinals, and then will compete for the top 21 finalist spots.

Right now Amarillo's Whataburger at 45th and Western is still in the WhataGames!

If they advance to the finals they will compete in the WhataGame Finals in Grapevine, Texas in April, for a chance to win the WhataGames Gold Medal and their share of $165,000 in prizes.

So it may not be "The Hunger Games", but hey, for Whataburger it is just as intense.