What do you do when you are sitting at your desk and you get a sudden case of the munchies?  I know it happens daily for me.  I have breakfast before I leave for work, then at 10am the munchies hit, then around noon I usually eat my brought from home lunch and then the munchies hit again around 2pm.  It happens every single day.  It's as if I am not eating enough protein at breakfast or lunch.  Do you ever find yourself with the workday munchies.

Sometimes I attribute it to my excessive coffee drinking in the morning.  I thought caffeine was supposed to help curve your cravings but I think for me it amplifies them.

I have tried keeping almonds in my desk, but that is the problem, once I eat one I eat them all.

I guess it is a lack of self control on that one?

How do you handle the workday munchies?

Any suggestions for snacks or meals to keep you from getting the munchies during the workday?