OK, I have heard of big garage sales, for instance Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale, but this Yard Sale is ridiculously huge.

This yard sale spans 690 miles and goes from a few miles outside of Michigan and stretches all the way through 6 states to Alabama.

It's is known at the World's Largest Yard Sale, but the correct name is the 127 Corridor Sale.

It kicked off yesterday and goes through August 5th.   This is the 25th year this gigantic yard sale has taken place.

I don't know about you, but this has to be a garage sale aficianodo's dream.  This would be their ultimate vacation.

Would you take a trip to shop 690 miles of yard sales?

Even though it isn't the World's Largest Garage Sale, Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale is taking place next Friday and Saturday at the Amarillo Civic Center. For more information