My social media feeds are full of everybody's new year's resolutions. My email in-box is overflowing with tips and products to help anyone achieve any goal, from the 10 resolutions for the fiscally savvy to celebrity slim-down secrets. Whatever about me needs changing, help is just a click away.


But the thing is, I loathe resolutions. I do not need any other measurements to not measure up to. I carry enough guilt. Which explains my poor posture....

So, that's why I have proclaimed 2014 the year of not caring.

This year, I will not care if I didn't get the laundry folded and put away on laundry day because I was hanging out with my family instead; if my car still has mud and gunk on it from the snow two weeks ago... and the one a month before that; if my kids don't eat their peas and we (very) occasionally have cereal for dinner; about the calories I'm consuming when my kids ask to go for ice cream; or if there's a nerf war inside (gasp!) the house and I am a casualty.

The list is pretty endless. I spend a lot of time worry and obsessing and stressing about so many things that don't matter to anyone but me.

Or better yet, how about I make some resolutions for others to follow that will make my life easier. For example, my kids could resolve to keep their rooms cleaner. And by cleaner, I mean I'd just like entering their rooms to not be a harbinger of death.

We could have a return of the gas station attendants who pump gas. Bam! Job creation and I get an extra five-minutes to relax in my warm car.

Other drivers could learn exactly how each lane on the interstate is to be used. If you are not entering or exiting, you should not be driving in the right hand lane. A little driver-ed refresher course could make the daily commute so much less stressful (and safer!) for all of us.

Resolutions just seem so negative to me. I'd rather look for more positive ways to invite change. Cissie Graham Lynch, granddaughter of the Reverend Billy Graham had a great post about just that on her blog this week.

So, that's it. 2014 will go down as the year of not caring. Except for the Real Housewives franchise. I am going to continue to care about that. You just have to let some things be.