Awhile back Lori had wrote about one of her big pet peeves and, I have to admit, it's one of mine too. But, over the past few weeks a new peeve has risen to 'the top of the charts, so to speak, for me.

What usually throws me out of whack is when I find out about something at the last minute.

I'm the first to admit that I have a Type A personality, with a big underline on organization. I try to put my 'to do' list together the night before and have things mapped out on what needs to be accomplished before I leave the office the following day. Usually, my day is pretty packed with the usual; meetings, conference calls, putting together commercials and, or course, the four hours I get to spend with you on the air.

As we all know, things come up from time to time that makes us shift our schedule to accommodate an unexpected variable. But, there is a little thing called 'common courtesy.' As long as I am aware that I should be expecting someone, then it's all good in my world. A simple phone call or email is all I ask. It's the unexpected interruption, where I need to drop everything and shift focus to someone who is needing my attention, prior to my knowledge.

The one exemption is when it comes to you, the listener. I make sure that I am available to you here at the office, by phone or by email. Without you I couldn't do what I do on a daily basis.

So, what's your biggest pet peeve?